pool won't retain chlorine

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pool won't retain chlorine

Postby debbie48 » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 19:21

My pool serviceman told me that the pool isn't retaining the chlorine. I've also been told by the pool cover serviceman that the water has a very high salt level. We recently had 40 kids over for a pool party and the water has remained cloudy. It is a very large, old pool and we have never drained the water. What should we do to regain the chemical balance of the water?

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Postby Backglass » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 20:28

Are you using a salt/chlorine generator? You shouldnt have any salt to speak of in your pool if not. If the pool isn't retaining chlorine you probably have low levels of CYA (stabilizer). After your pool serviceman said all this, didn't he give you a solution?

For us to help you need to:

1 - Buy a good test kit.
2 - Report your test numbers back here.

Otherwise we are all just guessing as to what needs balancing.
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Postby Buggsw » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 22:56

Backglass is right. You will need to post a full and comprehensive set of numbers.

Total Chlorine
Free Chlorine
Combined Chlorine/Chloramines
Calcium Hardness
Total Dissolved Solids
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no chlorine

Postby Curt » Fri 22 Jun, 2007 15:05

40 kids is the cause and solution. Some most likely urinated in the water. The nitrogen bonds quickly with your free chlorine to produce chloramine.
If the pH is 7.2, I would super chlorinate with lithium or calcium shock. I would use dychlor shock to avoid raising the pH if the pH is already higher than 7.2

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