Replaster job needs to be sanded

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Replaster job needs to be sanded

Postby striker520 » Fri 22 Jun, 2007 10:11

I just had my pool re-tiled and replastered. They retiled, notched around all fittings, acid washed, bond coated then re-plastered. We have already filled the pool and gone through an acid startup. The pool has been swimmable for about 10 days now. The plaster is very rough in many places and the contractor now says that they have to drain the pool in order to bring in an electric sander to smooth the plaster.

I am not too happy that they did such a poor job that this re-work is required but aside from that, how long should the plaster cure before draining and sanding? How will this affect the life of the plaster in general?

Any comments would be appreciated!


Postby Guest » Sat 23 Jun, 2007 09:49

the pool can be sanded underwater with scuba gear. do NOT let them drain your pool, especially not within the first month. If they do drain it, keep the surface wet with sprinklers or soaker hoses and fill back up asap.
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Postby pool guy 1 » Mon 20 Aug, 2007 14:52

I agree, I would wait to drain it. Relastered pools are alot more prone to (voids) poping up with no water. Usually it's a result of a poor bond coat.

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