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Winter Pool Leak

Postby mikeyv » Sat 04 Mar, 2006 10:36

I have a built in pool and live in N/E I am losing water (practically empty). I 'm concerned the liner is going to be pulled down by weight of ice when it freezes. Should I continue to fill it until Spring when I can try and start to locate problem? Please advise

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Pool leak

Postby Pool Help » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 11:47

If the liner is lying flat and was correctly installed, ice will not pull the liner down. If the liner is hanging suspended, then you will have to reinstall it anyway.

The problems you may face by keeping the pool empty are:
- the high ground water level may float the pool out of the ground.
- the high ground water level may exert enough pressure on the side supports, causing them to buckle or break.

It is not recommendable to keep any inground pool empty for long periods of time. Unfortunately, it sounds like it will take constant filling to keep your pool full of water. Perhaps you could look into the source of the leak now and save yourself the trouble in the spring.

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