Decomposing frogs and icky water

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Decomposing frogs and icky water

Postby frogswamp » Sat 23 Jun, 2007 14:37

Hi -
We have an in ground vinyl pool (40,000? gallons) at a country home that is opened by a pool company every year and then maintained by family almost every weekend. This year, after opening and looking good, pool went unattended for 3+ weeks. Arrived this weekend to find very murky frog graveyard. Many, many dead and decomposing frogs in pool. Smell is putrid. Automatic chlorinator was set too low. Chlorine level did not register. We shocked and shocked. Chlorine finally started to register. Backwashed twice (sand filter). Threw in vacuum robot which is picking up so many frog parts. Added more chlorine - and ph. All numbers look good (will post them next time I check), but chlorine is now very high. Is there any hope that this pool will be swimmable in near future? It seems to be a biohazard right now! Any advice? Should I vacuum to waste instead of using robot? Help! TIA!

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Postby Buggsw » Sat 23 Jun, 2007 18:20

I would vac to waste, if it were me.

Keep the chlorine high until it's all cleared up.

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