what is a J hook liner?

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what is a J hook liner?

Postby kabear » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 08:30

I am going to purchase a liner for our AG27' pool.Ive read about j hook liners>Are they better?are they easier to install?are they only for certain pools?NOVICE HERE, PLS HELP. :?

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Postby Walter » Tue 26 Jun, 2007 14:33

J Hook is a system used for liner, you either have a lap over or J hook, if you have excess material on the top of the outside of your pool you have the over lap type, if you want to convert to j hook you can but have to but all the clips for the pool.
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Postby Pool nut » Wed 04 Jul, 2007 20:32

Stay away...my first pool colapsed because of it.

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