Blue Cloudy Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Blue Cloudy Water

Postby mpossoff » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 15:54

Hi all, I'm new to the forum.

We have a 21X48 intex pool with a cartridge pump/filter.

Last year we had many problems trying to keep the water clear.

This year the water was like pea soup.

Bought aqua chem 6-in-one shock. Shocked it with 2 packets.

Sweeped the pool and cleaned it pretty well. Cleaned the cartridge many times.

The water is now not pea soup but is cloudy blue and can't see the bottom.

Bought some aqua chem algaecide and just put in 24 oz as specified for initial treatment the next day.

Haven't done a water test as of yet.


Am I on the right track to get the pool clear?

And most important, how do I maintain the pool so it will stay clear all the time.


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Postby Buggsw » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 18:22

Well, for one, stop pouring a lot of stuff without testing your water first.

Algaecides are better used for prevention rather than cure.

Chlorine should be all you need to kill algae. Keep your chlorine level high enough for a few days, day and night and run your pump 24/7 and the water should clear in a few days.

Get your tests - so you know what your levels for everything are.
You may do yourself or your pool in, otherwise.

If your CYA is high, stop using tablets and the pool store shock products and only use non stabilized chlorine, such as liquid chlorine or bleach.
If your CYA is low, it's fine to use the other products for chlorination.

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