Thanks from a New Pool Owner

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Thanks from a New Pool Owner

Postby Carllieb » Tue 26 Jun, 2007 14:44

I just purchased a new house with a in ground kidney shaped pool, old but in great shape.

My neighbor helped me open in up for the first time, it was light green and the bottom was covered with decaying leaves (lots of Pecan Trees)

I ran the vaccume to clean up the bottom then started learning how to maintain the water.

We used a start up kit on day one with Chlorine shock and sanatizer, then put in Algicide on day two and clarifier on day 3. Chlorine came down to proper level by day 4 and the water was clear, PH was 7.2 but the Alkilinity was 220ppm.

I found your site and used your methods of Areation to get the PH up and muratic acid ball shocks to bring both down.

Currently everything is perfect, the pool has remained crystal clear, Alkilinity is still around 160 but is coming down slowly as PH goes up and I bring both down.

I have talked to other pool owners in the area and nobody knows anything about their alkilinity. They also have trouble with algie, clarity, and use twice as much chlorine as I do. Its killing them to have the new guy teaching them how to maintain their pools.

Thanks to all of you for your excellent advice. :D

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