clear slimmey stuff in pool.

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clear slimmey stuff in pool.

Postby Bbeeney » Tue 26 Jun, 2007 18:59

I have some clear colored slimmy patches of stuff floating throughout the pool. You can see the stuff floating around and when you try to pick one up it just kind of dissolves. Also we have noticed that the water taste funny and stings your eyes. The water is perfectly clear other than that.

Anyone know what this stuff is and how to kill it. I shocked the pool and it did not seem to kill it off.

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 27 Jun, 2007 02:46

It's probably a water bacteria.

Don't know.

You may have to shock higher and longer and filter 7/24 for a few days to get rid of it.

I wouldn't swim in it.

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