Pool Light change, cord to short? No switch either

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Pool Light change, cord to short? No switch either

Postby fox_forma » Tue 26 Jun, 2007 19:01

I just moved into a house recently that myself and 2 of my close buddies are renting out. We have an in ground pool which from what we are told is pretty old but seems to be in ok shape except for a few things we will be taking care of.

Our pool light has never worked nor do we know how it works. We can't seem to locate any type of switch box for the light itself, but in the breaker box there is a tab which is labeled for the pool light. I pulled the panel to see where the wires led to and I see is one red wire, one green and one white wire leading down into a conduit which I assume is going straight to the pool light but cant be for sure. Is it possible for a pool light to be wired directly to the breaker and not to a switch anywhere? We are assuming the light needs replaced since it wont turn on by the breaker but I really don't want to get zapped because we missed something. I turned the breaker off and pulled the light housing out of the hole but it also seems the cord isnt long enough to get the whole assembly out of the pool/water. I read it can be because of how old everything is and the the wires are just swelled up in the conduit and need some sort of lube to get more slack. Either way I have no idea where to go from here so maybe someone can help, I was under the impression the cords should always be long enough to get out of water and onto the surrounding of the pool.

The owner of the house only lived here for a couple years and during that time never figured out how the light worked either, but we are dead set on having a pool light so our spot lights dont have to be on all night when swimming. HELP!!

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