My new, empty pool is leaking water into it- from the outside

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My new, empty pool is leaking water into it- from the outside

Postby JenCh0w » Wed 27 Nov, 2019 16:39

Alright - My build was less than smooth. There were a lot of issues, but whatever. About a month after we filled it, we noticed water seeping into our sunken BBQ area. Turns out there was an adjacent planter that had 11' of water in it. Pool builder was sure it was the sprinkler - another 2 months and we find out the pool was leaking into the planter because of a hole in the mini pebble/plaster. The builder wanted to patch the area. We ended up asking them to redo the entire surface because there were other issues (they installed the wrong color pebble and the umbrella sleeve in the sun shelf was crooked)and because they couldn't guarantee the "patch" color would match well. So the builder drains the pool - pool is only 4 months old - and we see what appear to be water spots in the pebble - looks like water is seeping into the pool from the ground. They chip off the plaster and the leaky areas are way worse. I asked about it and they assured me that it was normal and they would waterproof/seal/patch those areas before the new pebble went in. Pebbled yesterday and finished around 12:30pm. By 3:30pm, I noticed the leaky areas are now bleeding through the pebble and there is about a half inch to an inch of water in the deep end. I brought this to their attention and they assure me this is completely normal and not to worry about it. They said the water sealer was in the skim coat and the pebble itself. question is - is this normal? It doesn't seem to make sense that this is "normal." I am concerned that if water can come in, water can get out.....the pool shell was completely dry when we pebbled the first time. Could I have a structural issue with the gunite?

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Re: My new, empty pool is leaking water into it- from the outside

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 28 Nov, 2019 03:22

I would be inclined to say yes. If water comes in it definately goes out
It would appear that the water that escaped from your pool is now coming back.
I doubt you have a high water table because the origonal hole was dry
Unless this is repaired correctly you will have nothing but future problems
I would suggest you consult a pool surveyor as I doubt that it is normal
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Re: My new, empty pool is leaking water into it- from the outside

Postby Phil.c » Thu 28 Nov, 2019 13:55

"Normal" the guys that are working on it I'm sure are anything but!

I wonder if the pool surveyor thinks it's normal :shock:

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