inedequate pool filter pump

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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inedequate pool filter pump

Postby Uelijelar » Thu 26 Dec, 2019 06:57

I bought 10ft Pool with filter pump included. All attached as per guide. Pump making a noise so assumed would do the job it was meant to do. Pool unused for a few days, pump still going the whole time. On lifting cover water was green and stinking, pump still making a noise. Pool had to be emptied, leaving green stain all over PVC/pool material. Contacted manufacturer, who after seeing proof of purchase, photos of set up and discoloured empty pool, said they would send a new pump. Therefore admitting pump was at fault. Told me I would just need to clean the pool re-fill it and attach new pump. I told them I did not have time to clean the pool, nor should I have to. Requested a refund which was declined.
My point is the pool and pump came as a set. The pump was clearly inadequate for the job resulting in an empty, stinking, green pool. A part of this set didn't work resulting in damage to the other part of the set - agreeably not permanent.

I have since read some reviews from buyers with same issue.

Am I right or wrong to expect a full refund? Thanks

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Re: inedequate pool filter pump

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 26 Dec, 2019 14:54

Filtration alone doesn't stop your pool from developing algae
You need the correct amount of chlorination relative to your CYA
I suspect that you are wrong and haven't chlorinated the pool correctly

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