20' pool and liner?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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20' pool and liner?

Postby superman22x » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 16:12

Ok, I am buying my first pool, it is a 20'x5' pool, or thats what the guy says. But I don't know if he is right. I have looked for a 20' pool liner incase something happens to this one if I buy one. Is there 20' pool liners? Or Can I buy a 21' pool liner maybe and use it? I dont know what to do if it breaks, or maybe the guy is wrong and it is really a 21' pool.



20' pool?

Postby NWMNMom » Sun 01 Jul, 2007 16:28

What type of pool is this? IG, AG or ON the ground (Fanta Sea)? I have not heard of anyone making 20' AG pools, but IG pools come in all shapes and sizes.

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