chlorine levels high and water is still cloudy

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chlorine levels high and water is still cloudy

Postby summerpoolmom » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 16:54

We have had our above ground pool up about 3 week and I have constantly struggled to keep the free chlorine levels up. I add chlorine every night and have shocked it about every 2-3 days . The water has been fairly clear until today when the CL levels are up. I shocked it again last night and added a floating tablet dissolver/dispenser. The PH is okay but Alkalinity levels are slightly above ideal. Do I have Algae causing the milky cloudy water. I thought CL killed the algae. Do I need a clarifier? I run the pump every night and changed the filter cartridge.

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Postby Backglass » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 17:27


Welcome to the joys of pool ownership. :lol:

Do you have a test kit? Thats the first thing you should buy if not. If you have one, please post all your numbers so we can get an idea where you are at.

Also the pool size & construction (vinyl, concrete, etc).

Milky/cloudy water could be algae, but it could be lots of things if the water isn't balanced. Your test numbers will give us a better idea.

Also you should be running the filter 24/7 until it is clear.

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