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Light Green Pool water after adding pH

Postby miduffy » Fri 29 Jun, 2007 19:03

We bought an 18' round Easy Set Pool. We then filled it with water from our well. All was fine until I shocked it. It turned green. The local pool store recommended some metal remover. We added that and the water turned brown. We then tested the water and determined we needed to bring up the pH. So we brought it up to about 7.5. Now the water is back to a light green color. The cholrine level is 3ppm. According to the tests done at the pool store all levels are within range. How do we get rid of the green tint to the water? HELP!!!!

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Postby dynamictiger » Wed 04 Jul, 2007 17:20

Green can indicate Iron hence pool shops advice to add metal remover. The other way to remove iron is to keep filtering and keep chlorinating.

Try shocking to 15 mg/l and holding for three days at this level. If it is algae it will be dead on day one and you are finished. If iron then after three days you should see the pool starting to clear.

By the way Iron can make the water go a darker green as you shock it. It also stays green with no improvement until it suddenly comes clear.


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