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installation help needed

Postby Guest » Sat 30 Jun, 2007 06:38

I am installing a ag 27' pool.After I level the ground,do I put down the basetrack and post blocks on ground and then add sand or make a bed of sand big enough for base to sit on.any advice will be appreciated.Im a novice at this and i feel like im chasing my tail.thnx

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Postby Backglass » Sat 30 Jun, 2007 08:07

I would put the base & tracks on solid ground, and use the sand IN the pool wherever the liner will touch.

Postby NWMNMom » Sun 01 Jul, 2007 16:40

The blocks (if you are using them) should go IN the ground so they are level with the base plates to sit on - Your MOST important part of installation is preparing the base that the pool sits on - make sure you are completely level ALL the way around - use a transit or laser level. Make sure the ground is SOLID as well - if it heaves or sinks in one spot you can have walls collapse.

Dig down to get the high side down to the low side, never add unless its with Class 5 and an industrial compactor.

Once the rails are down and the posts are level/square, put up the sides, tape in some plastic sheeting (appx 2' wide strip) at about 12" up from the floor with duct tape so it hangs down 1' and goes out across the floor 1', put in your screened sand and put a nice 40 deg angled cove up that side/sheeting about 8" and out across about 8" for your cove - it will compact some when water is in but the sheeting will prevent it from ever washing out and keep your cove in place nicely. 2" sand all the way across to the coves.

Then install the liner ONLY when it is nice and sunny/hot so it will stretch - start on a hot morning so it has time to stretch as it fills. Never start filling late in the day or at night. A cool or cloudy day will not allow proper stretch and can stress your walls as the water pulls down - forgive the pun, but it is like the difference between day and night, the amount of stretch you get on a hot sunny day and when it is not hot AND sunny. That sun makes all the difference.

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