Problem With Aqua-Rite After Replacing Thermister

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Problem With Aqua-Rite After Replacing Thermister

Postby Rickmeister » Sat 23 May, 2020 13:30


I'm new to this forum. My pool has been trouble free until now.

I have a Hayward Aqua-Rite salt system with a Turbo Cell-9. Late last year before closing, I noticed that my salt levels were not displaying correctly on the LED and the inspect salt cell light came on. I cleaned the cell (as I had been doing every 30 days) but the problem persisted. I called Hayward and they told me to replace the salt cell as the old cell was 10 years old. I just opened my pool and installed the new cell. At first, the power and generate lights would come on and then go off. Then the inspect salt cell light came on. I removed the panel and tapped on the thermister. The power an generate lights came back on. So I brought it to a tech who replaced the thermister. Tech said it crumbled in his hands when he removed the old one. I was certain this was the problem. Well, after reconnecting it, I still getting weird numbers for the salt level. The display literally says "3.50". That's impossible as I had the water tested at the pool store the other day. The salt level on the report says 2,300 ppm and I was told to add 44Kg of salt (my pool is 48,000 liters/10,000 gallons). I should have at least 3,000 ppm. I ran the calibration procedure multiple times but it does not fix the issue.

What else could cause this problem? Should I replace the PBM board? That's pretty much the brains of the whole system. If I replace the PBM, do I need to also replace the raised PCB display board?



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