Pool water dark problem

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Pool water dark problem

Postby Janet » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 15:56

The pool water is very dark and you can see the bottom of it. My question is can we empty the pool to clean the floor? What is the safety way to do it?

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Emptying a swimming pool

Postby Larry » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 16:07

Hi Janet

It is quite safe to empty your pool, though you should be careful not to leave it empty for too long.

Ideally, the pool should be drained, washed and refilled within a few days. The longer a pool stays empty, the more risk of "floating", buckling or cracking there is.
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Emptying pool

Postby Pool Help » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 16:11

If the pool has a main drain, set the multiport valve to waste and pump the water out that way.
If the pool don't have a main drain you need to get a powerful submersible pump to get the water out as quickly as possible.

draining pool

Postby anultimategift@aol.com » Sat 08 Apr, 2006 11:18

hi, if i want to drain my black pool and start fresh, how can i run the pump on drain? I need to keep it primed and once the water goes below the jets , it wont stay primed. Do I have another solution other than using a subpump? I need a quick fix please help me,

Thanx Lynne
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Draining a swimming pool

Postby Pool Help » Sat 08 Apr, 2006 13:53

Close the return (inlet) valve/s. The pump should be drawing water from the main drain only so the skimmers should be turned off at the valves too.

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