Winkles in newly installed pool liner

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Winkles in newly installed pool liner

Postby uncfan1972 » Mon 02 Jul, 2007 14:58

I had a new pool liner install in my inground pool this summer. I am fighting with the installer over the excessive winkles (more than 2). He told me when it was first installed that there was nothing he could do about the winkles. Now that he has not been paid he says we can drain the pool reset the vacuum and see if he can position different. My problem is that the water is heated nicely and all chemicals have been put in. If we drain now we will have wasted the cost of water, cost of chemicals and now have to wait for the water to warm back up naturally. I have talked to a couple of pool installers and they said he should have started over prior to us completely filling up.

What is a solution? Should he accept 1/2 payment now and the rest when the winkles are removed when we close or open our pool?

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