High Pressure, Low Flow?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Hi I have an above ground 18' pool with a Hayward DE filter. This is our second summer (2020).

High Pressure, Low Flow?

Postby SwimmingGirl » Sun 28 Jun, 2020 12:12

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Hi All! We have an 18' above ground pool. We have a hayward DE filter and our water is clear, and tests well. We use EZ Pool instead of traditional chlorine.

Here is our problem: Since the pool was installed last summer, we have a hard time with the water flow out of the filter. The pressure starts at 16 and goes up to 20 or 21 and the flow slows down to barely moving the top levels. We go out and pump the filter, and its good for a few hours, then it slows and we repump and it fixes it temporarily. We have back washed it - and the first time it was pure green with pollen from the pines, but after that initial time, we backwashed it and the water was clear. We didn't add more DE because our pool place said maybe there is too much DE, but we followed directions when we opened the pool this summer. There is no blockage because when we vacuum we have a huge suck - enough to collapse the hose. Please help! thank you in advance.

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Re: High Pressure, Low Flow?

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 28 Jun, 2020 16:20

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