tripping circuit breakers

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tripping circuit breakers

Postby fghino » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 16:45

when pump is turn on the circuit breakers are tripped off in the main circuit box. circuit breakers for the pump do not trip off. anyone has had this problem. Solution?

Pool Help

Pool electric problem

Postby Pool Help » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 16:58

It sounds like it might be an earth leakage problem. Does the pump run before the circuit breaker trips off or is it instant?

Postby Dave » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 05:44

What size is the breaker in the main switchboard and the one at the pump?

Circuit Breakers tripping

Postby Jeanne » Wed 14 Jun, 2006 11:20

Did you get a fix for your problem?

I just was at the breaker box and my circuit is tripping at the pump and will not go back. Every time the pump starts it trips again.

I have put calls in for service but have not heard back. If it is something I can do your help is appreciated.


motor hums and breaker trips

Postby zafar » Sun 30 Jul, 2006 15:04

I just had the same problem today and through my investigations it could be a problem with the impeller. There must be debris in the impeller which is stopping the impeller from turning. Therfore I disconnected my impeller from the motor and actually there were debris in the impeller which stopped it from moving. I turned the impeller with my hands using little force and after a little struggling it moved easily. Then i cleaned the debris from the impeller and put everthing back together and now mine runs great.

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