Nofree chlorine

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Nofree chlorine

Postby Mik » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 19:29

I had no problem with the pool last season when we first got it . But this season has become a pain. The water has been clear since the day after opening. At first my ph was low so I added increaser it went up but then went too far up. Now in the mean time my alkalinity has gone up to almost 240 and my fc is showing non existent no matter what I do. In the past several days I have dumped quite a bit of shock in the pool and the only chlorine I get is total chlorine not free chlorine for some reason. I went to a pool store nearby and they told me to use ph decreaser to get the alkalinity down It did decrease it some And it got my ph in range but the alkalinity is stiil at 210.And I still get no free chlorine reading. By the way my pool is above ground 12x 23 oval 45" deep :(

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Postby pk4217 » Tue 03 Jul, 2007 21:00

ok, to reduce TA, you need to do it slowly, add acid to reduce you pH to around 7.0 - 7.2, then aerate the water which will raise your pH, add acid again to reduce your pH and aerate, keep the procedures going on until you get your TA down to desired level.

what kind of SHOCK you're using?

Postby Miko » Wed 04 Jul, 2007 21:36

I'm using green out super chlorinator I'm going to try aerating and the ma tomorrow and see what happens from there. I figure if everything gets straight then maybe the chlorine will straighten out. Thanks. i'll let you know

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