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pool maintenance

Postby Hammy » Wed 08 Mar, 2006 05:59

hello i have recently moved to spain and have been offered a contract in pool maintenance and gardening but haven't got any experience in the pool side of things, where do i start?

Pool Help

Pool maintenance help

Postby Pool Help » Wed 08 Mar, 2006 10:49

Hi Hammy

I recommend you do as many of the following as possible:
  1. approach the local pool board and get all the relevant literature on standards and recommendations.
  2. collect pool brochures and literature from local suppliers to become familiar with the products in your area.
  3. get a pool reference book/ manual for the theory.
  4. befriend a pool service person/ company and spend time with them as they go about their maintenance tasks. Offer to lend a hand at no charge - you get the experience and they get a helping hand for free.
  5. use the internet as an information resource. Visit good pool forums like this one, post your questions and participate in discussions of your current issues, or of aspects of pool maintenance that you feel you need to develop.

Hope this helps
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I'm new here
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Postby poolcleanerspain » Tue 15 Aug, 2006 05:13

hi Hammy welcome to the world of pool cleaning in spain, where abouts are u in spain, i started about a year ago and went on a starters course was good as the trainer explained all about chemicals and basic cleaning, but ive learned alot more from working on pools its easy to pick up but this forum is good for tips and hints good luck.
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby paulbest » Thu 01 Sep, 2016 22:02

having a pool is great but it takes responsibility to properly maintain it. how to maintain then? generally, this job belongs to gardeners or professional pool cleaning companies.

to maintain the immaculate image of your pool there are things that need to be taken into consideration. refer to this: http://www.swimmingpool.com/maintenance ... are-basics
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I'm new here
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby kitina » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 06:52

Go through the instructions of some experienced nearby. That will be the best option. Then refer to some valid sites
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby kaylee » Tue 17 Jan, 2017 01:11

A little effort can keep your pool clean. But if you fail to maintain your pool, it could be the worst thing ever and could be the home for algae, bacteria, germs etc. I think, the second post here(from pool help) seems worth enough for you. Maintenance depends on the type of your pool. I came across an interesting article on pool maintenance. [ http://www.poolhelpforum.com/blog/cleaning-pool/important-tips-for-maintaining-your-pool/ ] You must check for the chlorine content, pH and all other essential chemical tests. Vacuuming, skimming the debris and brushing the walls in few days could keep your pool clean. Hope this could help you.
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby marvinwalters » Thu 25 May, 2017 01:16

Before you start, get all the information about pool maintenance.
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby Poonamdpi » Tue 01 Aug, 2017 01:28


You should read and collect the information related to the pool maintenance. You can watch videos and read tutorials on the internet.
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Re: pool maintenance

Postby Poolcovers » Tue 09 Jan, 2018 08:55

Every Swimming pool requires maintenance. You can also do it yourself by Pool Covers. There are various Automatic Pool Covers are available online who provides best pool covers with great pool maintenance services.

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