Intex Krystal Clean Model 6220

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I'm new here
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Intex Krystal Clean Model 6220

Postby wallace » Thu 05 Jul, 2007 14:22

Does anyone have experience of this particular model?

We have just started using it, but the red warning light keeps coming on.

We have tried draining and flushing the system through a couple of times but still have the same problem.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Deb121 » Tue 07 Aug, 2007 17:20

We had the 6110 and the red light kept coming on. I literally had to babysit it to get it to work for any length of time. We never could get enough chlorine in the pool because it just didn't want to work. If I tried adding any salt it would sound the alarm. Intex replaced it with an older model because the 6110 was out of stock. So far the older model works.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Krystal Clean 6220

Postby scowdell63 » Mon 27 Aug, 2007 10:00

Can anyone help :roll: ,
I have the 6220 Intex Krystal Clean Poolwater System, Installed about 3 months ago. Worked fine, ish :D . (Had to reset the system a few times) until last month when over night my pool went from clean and clear to cloudy and green :cry: .
I emptied the pool, scrubbed and cleaned the green from my pool and cleaned all the pipes and fittings. Reconnected the pump/filter and heater and 6220, and now the 6220 will not work. Alarm buzzer goes for 1 hour and right hand LED starts red and when buzzer stops, stays red and the salt water tank does not slowly empty as it did when it worked, if I leave the pool for 2/3 days it starts to turn green again. I have empited the salt water tank, switched off and cleaned the 6220 at least half a dozen times.

I have empited and cleaned the pool twice in 2 weeks....I have added a chlorine tablet and that seems to have stopped the green effect, so far. But I would value any advise on how to get my 6220 working again.

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