New Salt Water Pool is cloudy (help!!)

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New Salt Water Pool is cloudy (help!!)

Postby ALsaltwater » Thu 05 Jul, 2007 14:35

We have a 1 1/2 month old salt water L-shaped extra large liner pool. Pool installer gave us little directions with the salt water system other than to say that we shouldn't have much maintenance issues or algae. Up until this point we haven't had to add any chemicals. It has been very hot and dry. We did get some rain last week and now the deep-end is cloudy. Following are the amounts I get from the test strips provided by pool installer:

Hardness - 250
Total Chlorine - 3
Free - 1
PH - 7.8
Alkalinity - 80
cynaric acid - 100

any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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Postby Backglass » Thu 05 Jul, 2007 16:02

Judging from the amount of free chlorine (1 - way too low) and combined chlorine (, it sounds like your chlorine generator can't keep up. You need to shock, either by using bleach or the "superchlorinate" setting on your generator.

Your CYA seems very high to me, but I understand that higher levels are necessary for salt pools so I am not sure...I will defer to chem geek.

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