disgusting pool

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disgusting pool

Postby fisopher711 » Fri 06 Jul, 2007 13:35

Our 21" round above ground pool has been closed for the past four years, because of poor summers and familial problems we never opened it. This summer we began opening it and are completely at a loss. The liner is in good condition (replaced before it was closed) and we have a new filter....but the pool is disgusting....we were able to get a great amount of leaves off the bottom....but there is so much dirt and whatever else...this job seems impossible. Are they any steps we could take, or advice so that we don't start doing the wrong thing? Please help!

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Postby Backglass » Fri 06 Jul, 2007 21:36

You need to just stay at it. High levels of chlorine, run your pump filter 24/7 and continue to remove as much debris as you can. Vaccum to waste if you can see piles of gunk. A leaf net helps a LOT in scraping the bottom.

I am convinced that any pool can be resurrected unless you were disposing your used motor oil in it. :lol: Remember you cant change H2O into something else. It's still water, you just need to remove the stuff IN the water.

Get a test kit and post your numbers once it begins to look like water again.

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