New pool under construction

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New pool under construction

Postby N7GTJ » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 00:48

I am having a new inground pool built by Paddock Pools. Due to many problems during construction it has taken almost a year and they are still not done.
I have been trying to find ways to get them to finish the job correctly. The one thing you should do is have a finish date with penalties. I did not have this and will never know when the pool will be done till its done.
I have tried to keep a daily log of what they have done with pictures. I found that this helps when you have to prove they messed up.
I kept the log at my website

Pool Help

Pool building nightmare

Postby Pool Help » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 02:56

Seems like a big, reputable company. I'm surprised the contract didn't include a finish date. Your log shows your frustrations and I can only wish you luck.

Hopefully the pool will be finished in time for the swimming season and will not give you any trouble once it is completed.

You wrote:
this helps when you have to prove they messed up

I was curious as to how you expect this proof to help you.

Postby N7GTJ » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 03:32

When I went to the Registrar of Contractors I had proof that no rebar, footer shallow, stuff that gets covered up was infact done wrong. As you can see by the log it took only the time for them to get the letter from R.O.C. till they tore it all down and tried again.
I am unsure what my next step is going to be. they have been delaying the plaster now for 2 weeks.
Pool Help

Pool build nightmare

Postby Pool Help » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 15:54

Is there any way to get these cowboys off the contract and have another company finish the pool? If you can, what kind of guarantee would Paddock Pools give? Would they stand behind the guarantee they offer on their website?

New pool under construction

Postby Guest » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 19:05

They offered a 2 year guarantee if they could leave it as it was. Far from the 5 year promised. The only way to get them off the job is to prove they failed on their part of the contract. Every time I try that, they quickly fix the problem or put it off till later.
Like now, they are filling the pool with water but they do not know if the pipes even will hold pressure. They did a pressure test many months ago and it held fine. But since then they have broken many pipes while fixing things. It will be interesting to see if any pipes are broken that they encased in walls.

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