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Need Help Please

Postby Mikey10235 » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 15:32

I had to clean the leaves out of the pump basket today and backwash my pentair Triton II sand filter for the first time since the pool guy wont be back for another week. the problem is after backwashing it, i put all the valves back to where they were and the system seems to work fine but now a new sound has developed. it sounds like the tank wont fill up all the way and there is a water trickling sound like the tank wont fill up all the way. and when i turn it off the tank sounds like it drains completely. when i first turned it off it drained the water out of the pump, but not all of it. I then turned it back on to fill it up again then turned it off, the water drained out of the tank again but the pump stayed pressurized. I don't have any kind of instructions of any kind since i just bought the house and the previous owners did not leave anything behind for the pool, and all the tags on equipment is either faded beyond readable or torn off.


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