pool not level & now on top of drain

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pool not level & now on top of drain

Postby mission » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 20:12

We just set up our new 18' round above ground pool...low and behold it's not level! Went to attach the garden hose to the drain on the side but the drain is under the pool now because it's at the low end and the water has made part of the side of the pool the bottom! How do I empty the darn thing now??? Any ideas? It's a lot of water to manually empty!

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Postby Backglass » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 22:03

If it's not a lot of water you could just siphon it out. Do you have a vacuum hose and vacuum/pole? Just put the vacuum in the bottom, fill the hose with water, cover the end of the hose with your hand and drag all the hose to the lowest point in your yard. A 1-1/2 inch siphon hose will work very fast!

Or, you could get a pump from Home Depot...the sell small submersible pumps for flooded basements, etc. Or even a pond pump would work.

Postby mission » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 22:13

Thanks for the response. I did manage to figure it out. I took off one of the filter hoses and attached the vacuum hose to it to drain it away from the pool area.
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