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Postby debbieg » Sun 12 Mar, 2006 04:36

My pool is filled with bore water which has a very high PH. Despite our best efforts a thick scale has formed on the walls. This has happened previously when we first filled the pool about 12 years ago. Back then we obtained 2 products which were added to the water together which resulted in the water bubbling up and the scale disappearing. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the products and am hoping someone out there may be able to help. We're way past the stage of adding acid and brushing the sides.

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Pool scale problem

Postby Pool Help » Sun 12 Mar, 2006 15:28

What you describe sounds like some kind of acid treatment. Acids such as muriatic acid, sulfuric acid and nitric acid will all cause the water to bubble if added in concentrated form. Sorry I don't know the specific product you mean.

Scale rears its ugly head most often in pools with a high pH and/or high total alk. Keeping these levels within the recommended limits will help to avoid problems of scale.

We usually do an acid wash for major scale problems and then monitor the pH-TA duo to prevent recurrence.

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