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Mustard Algae Killer

Postby ncroncrew » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 08:20

I have a 30,000 vinyl liner, in-ground pool and have been fighting algae for quite some time. After a couple of reoccurrance bouts, I found out that the algae is mustard algae. I used Bio-Guard Banish (which has copper) as instructed by my pool supply store. My question is this...

It has seemed to occur regularly over the past couple of years, and my regular algaecide doesn't take care of the mustard algae apparently because it has no copper. If I drop a small cloth bag of pennies in the skimmer basket, will this work along with my regular algaecide in helping to keep the mustard algae under control? I shock and use algaecide as weekly maintenance. The algaecide I use is from Sam's Club, a 40% concentrate algaecide.

Thanks for your help!

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