very green water and very high level of chlorine

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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very green water and very high level of chlorine

Postby joyschenck » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 09:50

My problem started last week with my pool . On wed it looked alittle green so i went and purchased algecyde for the pool . the next day my pool was greener then the day before. So i put in more and it made it greener. I then got shock it for the pool and the water was clear but lots of alge on the bottom. I stir up the alge thinking that the filter would take care of it. but it didnt. So i was told to shock it again and use 2 bags. in which i did but water still really green and my chlorine level is really high.
Any advice as to what to do next??


Same Problem

Postby crazytazzygirl » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 13:28

Please let me know what (if anything) works for you...I am in the same boat!

Postby Kenric » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 14:07

I'm in the same boat. I think it just takes time once you get the Chlorine level high. My CL is finally holding and the pool is looking less green. It just takes time.

Postby Kenric » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 14:08

Also, remember that once you have dead algae all your filter does it trap it. It's still in your system.

The only way to get rid of the dead algae is to clean your filter, backwash or vacuum it out.
chem geek
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Postby chem geek » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 18:23

Doing what Kenric says, physically removing the dead algae, makes the process go faster, but technically the chlorine will break down all the algae though that can take quite some time (and lots of chlorine). So physical removal is faster and easier to get rid of most of it. The very last bit will just get broken down by the chlorine and any remnants in the filter will also get broken down by the chlorine (into "dissolved solids" of small organic remnants plus carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, and water).

algae pool

Postby goodbye2swimming » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 20:55

Our pool became very green after leaving the cover on for 2 days the beginning of July. We have dumped tons of money in chemicals trying to get rid of this extremely difficult and rare--according to our pool store, algae. They have us putting in chlorine to raise the level to 30 however because of rain etc... we are having a difficult time getting it to this level. They (the pool store) claims that this is a new type of algae to our area (the midwest) and they are not sure how to treat it. It has been almost a month now with not much luck. We think that maybe it would be good to flock it and then vaccuum to waste but they claim we just need to keep trying to get the chlorine level real high. They also said that this algae is so small that the filter cannot filter it out. Has anyone else had this problem and if so-- are we being told to do the correct thing. This is an inground pool .

Postby Guest » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 21:52

Me personally...

I'd check your CYA, then shock it with WalMart style Bleach and to he!! with the pool store ripping your pocket right off your pants!

Post #'s.

We are shooting in the dark without them.
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Postby Backglass » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 22:57

"Very difficult and rare algae"?! I'm sorry, but you have been "pool store'd", as we say. They are basically saying "Sorry...we don't know our ass from a hole in ground...but please keep buying our expensive chemicals". :lol:

As stated earlier, if either of your would like real answers, using your test kit, please post a full set of numbers. Then we can give real advice that will result in a crystal clear pool.

OR....we can guess! My guess is that you need to SHOCK with a LOT of liquid chlorine to kill your algae bloom and overcome your high levels of CYA. Run your pump/filter 24/7 along with shock levels of chlorine until clear. But...thats just a guess without numbers. You could have high TA. Or out of control ph. Or crazy calcium levels.

Your water analysis will tell the tale.
I'm no expert...just a long time pool owner. The real experts are at www . troublefreepool . com

Download Bleachcalc free at troublefreepool . com /files/BleachCalc262.exe and start saving money on chemicals.

Very green water and very high level of chlorine

Postby boodro123 » Mon 20 Apr, 2009 20:35

i also have the same problem.....14,000gal, sand filter, fiberglass inground. my water got green and i cannot get rid of it. my chlorine levels will also abruptly jump from being in range to 0 really quickly.
i seem to be able to see a light green algae almost suspended in the water which i thought the filter and chlorine would eventually eliminate but it doesnt seem to be working. also my cya is high along with my free chlorine level right now from me trying to get things back in range. also my ph is very low too. if anyone can help i sure would appreciate info to lead me in the right direction here.
also if i drain and refill as a last resort, what is the best way to clean out my filter and rid everything of the present algae?
chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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very green water and very high level of chlorine

Postby chem geek » Mon 20 Apr, 2009 22:06

Get your own good test kit, either the Taylor K-2006 kit you can get at a good online price here or the TF100 kit from here with the latter kit having 36% more volume of reagents so is less expensive "per test".

Also, read Defeating Algae. I suspect that your chlorine level isn't as high as is needed because your CYA level is possibly very high. If that is the case, then a partial drain/refill (or multiple) may be needed to dilute the CYA before you shock with much more chlorine.

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