High Cyanuric Acid

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High Cyanuric Acid

Postby fibre » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 15:42

What can I do to prevent high cyanuric acid? I realize the shock I'm currently using has stablizers in it and this is probably my problem. However is there anything that I can do to get the acid level down and keep it down?

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Postby chem geek » Tue 10 Jul, 2007 18:26

Dilution of the water is the only (reasonable) way to lower the CYA level. To prevent it from rising, you need to not add as much stabilized chlorine (Trichlor and Dichlor) or if you use some, do partial drain/refill or more frequent backwashing (if sand filter).

In the meantime with higher CYA you can just have higher FC to compensate. Maintain an FC level that is 11.5% of the CYA level with an absolute minimum FC of 7.5% of the CYA level. That will keep away green algae. If you don't want to, or are unable to, maintain the higher FC, then you should use a weekly maintenance dose of PolyQuat 60 to keep away the algae.

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