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winter cover

Postby dwilliamson » Tue 14 Mar, 2006 16:58

I have a 4.5 foot above ground pool. I have lost so much water this winter, with the cover on. It has, I am guessing about 12" of water. The cover is almost completly in the pool. I did drain off any water now that it is not ice. I look at the neighbors pools and theirs are fine and there balloon is in the center. My balloon is off the side. Do we have a leak? We do not loose any water all summer though.

Pool Helper

Pool water leak

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 14 Mar, 2006 17:14

Sounds like a leak. Can you see any spots that may indicate a potential leak? Perhaps something has puntured the base of the pool, in which case you will not be able to spot it.

Postby Guest » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 00:23

the ice and weight on the cover could have pushed out some water it is recomended that people drain their pool when they live in colder climater

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