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light green pool water

Postby cloudy h2o » Wed 11 Jul, 2007 09:07

Hi there. Having pool water problems. I have a small pole pool, 800 gallons, with small filter system. The water was fine for about a month. we recently had alot of rain, during this time we did not use the pool but kept the filter running 24-7 with chlorine floater. I noticed a green tinge to the water so we shocked it with 10 oz. each day for couple days, no help. the reading with test strips are 1 chlor , 3 bromine, 180 alk, and 8.4 ph.
I have liquid shock and algea treatment but not sure of the amounts to use. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Postby Backglass » Wed 11 Jul, 2007 12:41

You need to lower your ph...that is very high...shoot for 7.2-7.4. Also you need to find out what your CYA level is so you can properly dose with chlorine. Regardless, 1ppm is way too low. You should aim for 3 at all times until you can get a full set of numbers. The key is to get your pool to shock level and keep it there until the filter can clear the pool.

If you plan on keeping the pool, you should invest in a full test kit so you can run your own tests. Pool store tests (and the kid doing the tests) are notoriously off.

Save your money buying "liquid shock" from the pool store and buy bleach instead. They are the exact same thing, albeit in different concentrations.

Are you sure it's only 800 gallons? Thats tiny! I had a 500 gallon hot tub once and it barely sat two people.

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