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no water

Postby kmsport13 » Wed 15 Mar, 2006 10:23

I am a new pool homeowner. I had a company close my pool in the fall.
The cover had not stayed on very well so I've had to fix it a few times to recover the pool.

I just saw that it is completely empty suddenly! It still had plenty of water two weeks ago when I last had to fix the cover.

What would cause it to empty that quickly? What should I do? Is this a major problem? Is this something that would be the company's wrongdoing that closed the pool?

Pool Star

Pool leak

Postby Pool Star » Thu 16 Mar, 2006 03:27

You don't mention whether the pool is an inground or above-ground.

The problem is almost certainly a major leak. If you've had a lot of cold or snowy weather, there may be a burst pipe. If you post more info about the pool we can evaluate the pool further.

no water

Postby kmsport13 » Sun 19 Mar, 2006 12:54

It is an inground pool -- Anthony & Sylvan Barcelona shaped, 19 x 37, 600 sq ft, 3' - 8' deep, 2 returns, capacity of 24,161 gallons.... I believe that is what you would need.

We live in North Eastern tip of Maryland -- haven't had much snow this year but did have 1 major snow of 15" in February. It has been above average in temperature this winter but did have a few cold spells as well.

I am scared it is a major leak as you say -- would that be something that would go back to the company that closed the pool or would that be on me? Are we talking major $$? Is it something I need to react on right away or wait until pool opening?

Thank you for your help!
Pool Star

Pool leak

Postby Pool Star » Sun 19 Mar, 2006 13:28

15" of snow may well have done something to the pools plumbing. I would get the guys who closed the pool to come and take a look.

A major leak usually means major bucks in repair costs. If the company closed the pool incorrectly they may be liable if you can show they were negligent.

Postby Guest » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 00:21

usually the company is not responsible for burst pipes though i recomend having a leak detection company coming out and if pipes are blown then it could be expensive or may not depending on how hard plumbing leaks are to fix it is hard to prove negelect on the company thats what they are in bussiness for i recomend draining a pool to only 2 or 3 feet of water in the deep end in the winter

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