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chlorine generator

Postby lonestar » Tue 03 Feb, 2009 10:53

I cannot find the Arch Chemical study link I originally found a few years ago that talked about this. I believe it was printed in a publication like pool and spa news. When the Arch study was done, they built a bunch of test pools and just for fun built a salt pool and there was some other sort of experimental pool built.

These last two pools didnt have any control group and were not considered part of the experiment for scientific data. The article only mentioned, therefore, that the salt pool had the worst plaster degradation. It could be any number of factors that they overlooked because salt water pools was not the focus of the experiment.

I mention it only in passing, but some chlorine generator manufacturer should certainly test it. Of course it took years to get someone to test CYA so I doubt we'll be seeing it soon.

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