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Algae problems in swimming pool water.
Green (cloudy) water or slimy pool walls.
Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
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Postby South TX Poolguy » Sat 14 Jul, 2007 13:05

Thanks for the boron health risk link. Ill ask the owner about the dogs drinking habits.

Most of the pool owners I work for will immediatly stop doing any maintenance to their pools once I start. I can only get a few of them to check and empty their baskets during the fall. Ill find pumps trickling with water because skimmer baskets are clogged with leaves.

The Pool Season 50 I use is not Polyquat. But the Pool Season 60 that I use is. I only use copper on liner or above ground pools.

So far I have used the phosphate remover on 4 pools that had reoccuring algae recently. So far they have not had any problems. One is getting a stress test right now. The owner went out of town and I will have not been to the pool in 2 weeks on Tuesday. (they locked the gate)

I use a test kit that cost $7.00 for 50 pouches of powder. (not bad) (all my costs are wholesale, but shock and trichlor are only a small amount below retail)

I know a guy who bought 500 gallons of the catalytic enzyme and phosphate remover CV-700. He is now using it as treatment on all his pools. The stuff cost me $57 for 1 gallon. He says the results are wonderful so far. (I would hope so, for the cost)

Ill ask around for the taylor polyquat tester. I buy larger reagent bottles. The small ones only last me 20 days. I can buy 12oz bottles and refill the small ones. I dont use weekly algicide unless I notice something wrong. Then Ill dose that pool for a few weeks.

Thanks for the help and links. I have been to the other pool sites you mentioned in some form. I landed here because I saw there are some helpful, well intentioned, well informed, guru posters here. (such as yourself)

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