good suction, no pressure and kreepy krawly barely moves

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good suction, no pressure and kreepy krawly barely moves

Postby Loni » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 13:46

We have an above ground pool with a Sta-rite pump and filter. The pressure guage shows no pressure and doesn't change no matter what ya do. It seems to have good suction but the kreepy krawly barely moves. I changed the hoses thinking that there was a hole in one of them, but still the same thing occures....nothing. Please Help.



Postby Loni » Wed 18 Jul, 2007 21:30

Help somebody!!!!

Postby Guest » Sat 11 Aug, 2007 19:50

I had this problem as well. I hooked the Kreepy Krawly up to the skimmer, but not even a pulse. I got a simple drain stopper (those flat, circular rubber mats) and placed it over the underwater intake at the shallow end of my pool, and the vaccuuming began. I do have a (broken) control valve that would close off the underwater intake, but my system is old, and nothing is marked so I had to keep guessing which way to turn the thing. The rubber mat works fine. I plug up the intake, let the KK run all night, then remove the rubber mat when the job is done.

Of course, if duct tape would have done the trick, I'd have used that! ;)

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