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Postby kris » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 19:45

New to this pool stuff. This may be a stupid question but do all filters backwash. I have a Jacuzzi crf75 and I dont think it is supposed to be backwashed. There is not indication on it to backwash. I also can not find a manuel on line and the previous owners din't leave one!


Postby sparkwatercleaner » Thu 19 Jul, 2007 15:30

No, I've googled your filter and found out that it is a CARTIDGE FILTER, which means you've got to clean the cartidge or replace it when it gets clogged or dirty. If you don't know how to clean it just google it or post a new topic...
Hope it helps.
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Postby Cheri » Fri 20 Jul, 2007 16:40

You can buy a cartridge filter cleaner to use on the cartridge. The same product works well with sand filters, it's just used a little differently.

It usually comes in a spray bottle, so you can spray it on the cartidge and spray with a water hose. Costs about $10 - $15, depending on where you get it.

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