Installation Woes

Liner issues and problems installing or
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Installation Woes

Postby btpoole » Fri 13 Jul, 2007 07:25

Installled 24' round pool last weekend. All went well. Pool filled with water, everybody enjoying it. Well, Tuesday and Wednesday we had heavy thunderstorms. I had put off getting the drain line put in on the upper side of the pool where I had to dig down. The water washed out the sand under part of the liner. Well the liner sank in this area creating a 10" crater which is about 3' long. I have since drained part of the water to relieve some of the pressure. I have dug a trench around the upper side of the pool to install a drain system. Other than completely draining the pool, is there any way to raise the liner and replace the sand? This may sound like a wishful thinking thing, but I would like to keep from draining the pool. Any ideas?

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