Filter leaking from top

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Filter leaking from top

Postby irishhillsfarm » Fri 13 Jul, 2007 11:48

i need help~ I have an above ground pool. I got it 2004, so this year I changed the sand. as per instructed by the pool place, i emptied all the other sand out by scooping from the top, rinsed & refilled with 4 bags of sand. I put the top lid back on exactly as it was when i took it off.
well, now the top keeps leaking & I cant get it to stay on. I have no one I called who will come out to help with an above ground pool (I LIVE IN FLORIDA), so now i have a green stinky pool because i cant get the filtyer top to stay on.

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Postby Backglass » Fri 13 Jul, 2007 12:48

What brand/model/size of filter?

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