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green water

Postby » Tue 21 Mar, 2006 10:27

I need help bought a house and the pool has not been matained for a while .I would like to drain it scrub it an d re fill it am i going about the cleaning process right?

Pool Star

Pool cleaning help

Postby Pool Star » Tue 21 Mar, 2006 17:00

Draining, cleaning and refilling is the quickest way to get your pool sparkling clear. However some pools need to be drained and filled with care, often in a very short period of time.

If the ground water level is high, some liner pools, fiberglass pools and even concrete pools can "float" out of the ground, or the walls can buckle in.

Plaster pools usually need an acid wash to really get rid of the algae and scale. What kind of pool is it?

Before draining the pool I suggest you have the pump serviced and give the filter some thought. Cartridges should be replaced, sand cleaned or replaced. At least then your filtration system will be ready for work once the pool is clean.

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