Another kind of pool worm?

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Another kind of pool worm?

Postby Deaun who can't sign in » Sun 15 Jul, 2007 20:16

Hello everyone!

I have another type of pool worm for you: this one is about the length of my palm (3 1/2"), black, and twice as thick as a horse's hair. It does not appear to be segmented and has no obvious head, although its "tail" twines around small objects. It moves with serpentine grace from surface to bottom of the pool--but does not resemble a snake in any discernable way.

Upon removal from the pool with a brush, vaccume, or leaf skimmer, it becomes very active--twining around an object, weaving in on itself. It dries out quickly, turning a light straw color that is difficult to see.

I have found several of these over the past three weeks, and have upped the chlorine in the water in response. Any idea what type of worm I'm finding? I don't think it is dangerous--just bothersome. The first time I found one I thought it was a tail hair from one of our horses as the back pasture meets the chainlink around the back yard and the "girls" like to congregate closest to the pool.



Deaun who can't sign in

found it.

Postby Deaun who can't sign in » Sun 15 Jul, 2007 20:48

it's called a horsehair worm.

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