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White Water Mold

Postby SO UPSET AND FRUSTRATED!! » Wed 27 Jun, 2012 14:50

I am glad to know I am not the only person suffering with this problem. My pool has been cloudy until my pump was shut off for a few days and then it turned clear with the exception of a grayish film on the bottom. When I stirred it up HOLY MOLY it looked as if someone had threw a few rols of toilet paper in my pool! YEs I am using a Chlorine pool so apparently its not as rare as once thought. The pool stor etoday recognized it right away from my sample as White Water Mold. They gave me a list of thigns do to, shock times 5 the normal amount, then clarifier to sink to bottom and vacuum out on waste. This soo better work! If theres any new suggestions please let me know!! 18x4 intex pool with Fibrofilter Sand Filter. :?:

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