multi-port valve cracked at pressure guage boss.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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multi-port valve cracked at pressure guage boss.

Postby TfromNC » Thu 23 Mar, 2006 10:33

Well, I tightened the pressure guage a little too much and cracked the boss where it threads into the multi-port valve. Is there any way to fix this short of replacing the valve?
BTW, it is a Tagelus filter, if that matters.

Pool Guy

Cracked valve problem

Postby Pool Guy » Thu 23 Mar, 2006 18:37

If it's not too bad, you could try mend the crack with cyanoacrylete (superglue). There are many resin based, or two component products that bond and waterproof. Ask your local hardware dealer for advice.

I've found the two component stuff works well, though I've had to "cement" the pressure guage into the compound a couple of times (badly damaged threads). This is not really very good as you can't get the guage out without breaking the repair.

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