navigator no tworking

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navigator no tworking

Postby dennisthompson » Mon 16 Jul, 2007 17:48

my hayward navigator will not climb the walls. I test the suction and tried ajusting the back flap nothing seems to work.


Postby Guest » Fri 28 Sep, 2007 20:55

when you say " adjusting the flap" do you mean by the dial on the side of the frame? if you did that and nothing happens, you may not have enough suction in your inlet side so the machine becomes "heavy" and will not climb, also check your shoes, the might be below the limits. The problem with these machines climbing walls is that they often get stuck in between ladders and no one notices until hours later sometimes causing internal problems, or they go way too high ingesting air and causing periods of pump cavitation and air pockets in the system, which in the long run can cause pump internal circuit breaker pops due to overheating and premature failure. Just imagine a navigator stuck high in vertical ladder for hours ingesting air, your pump will over heat and will shut down and it will do this constantly until some one removes it from the obstruction.

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