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pool cleaners

Postby mr.balto » Thu 23 Mar, 2006 10:34

what is the best pool cleaner on the market today? and i am also known a baltofan01. i love balto and jenna! they make a great cupple. :D :)

Pool Guy

Swimming pool cleaners

Postby Pool Guy » Thu 23 Mar, 2006 18:53

Hard to say which the best one is. You have to consider the following:
- inground pool or above-ground pool?
- area of the swimming pool?
- pump-driven? If so, return line driven or suction line driven?
- electric cleaner?
- programmable?
- level of contamination?
- bather load?
- should cleaner work while pool is in use?
- level of maintenance required?
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I'm new here
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Postby baltofan01 » Thu 23 Mar, 2006 21:13


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