Fiberglass pool to salt water?

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Need pool help

Fiberglass pool to salt water?

Postby Need pool help » Tue 17 Jul, 2007 07:06

We recently moving into a home with a fiberglass pool. Since we have been having trouble keeping the water balanced and stains on the sides.

We have a pool company that seems as baffled as us, and they really keep shocking the pool. That is what causes the stains.

They have recommended going to salt water, about $1700. to change our equipment. That should keep us from staining and save on chemicals.

How would the pool wizard help us?

Thanks for your website, it really helps.

From Tennesse

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Postby Backglass » Tue 17 Jul, 2007 08:58

I know nothing about this pool wizard system (the owner of this site is never around)...but I believe it works by introducing copper and./or silver to the water. I also know that your stains are due to metals in your water, most likely iron. You don't need more.

As for your pool service, you are being lied to quite frankly..."Pool Store'd" as we like to say. A salt system will do NOTHING for metals or stains. A salt system is only a chlorine generator...thats all. It's not a magic stain removing machine. The system works by changing the salt molecules to chlorine where it does it's sanitation job, and turns back into salt when done. The only difference is that instead of tossing chlorine into the pool the chlorine is generated automatically from the salt. There is also some controversy about cheaper ladders rusting, and coping disintegrating...especially soft stone around your pool. This is hotly debated however.

The best thing you could do is to learn about pool water. It's not hard. The first step is to get yourself a real test kit (no strips) and some "Metal Free", "Pool Magnet" or some other such metal sequestrant from your local pool store or online.

Once you get a decent test kit (Taylor K2005 or k-2006) post a full set of of numbers and we will help you learn to balance your pool yourself and save a ton of money.

Good Luck!
I'm no expert...just a long time pool owner. The real experts are at www . troublefreepool . com

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Postby Guest » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 10:42

I concur, a salt system is WONDERFUL for generating chlorine, but that's all that it does. I love the fact that I do not ever need to add chlorine, the SWG takes care of that for me. But you still need to understand water chemistry to keep your pool clean and sparkly.
Take a vitamin C tablet and crush it up, apply it to a small area of the stain, if it goes away then you need to treat your pool with absorbic acid (vitamin C powder).
I would bet $.99 that that is your problem, but without knowing your whole water chemistry numbers I wouldn't bet the whole $1.00

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