Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

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Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby chrims » Tue 17 Jul, 2007 20:56

Recently got an estimate for a re-plaster and the rate seems reasonable at $3100 for plaster up to $5300 for stone scapes. My concern is the proposal states in part:
-Chisel around fittings and lights so new plaster will be even at tile.
-Acid wash old plaster surface to roughen for bonding purposes.

I was under the impression that all old plaster needed to be removed to get the best results. Is this the case? Is it standard practice to ONLY chisel out plaster around fittings and tile for a re-plaster job?

Additionally, the proposal would replace 145' of water line tile for $3700 which is about $25.50 per linear foot. Is this price reasonable? It seems
odd that tile replacement is just as expensive as the re-plaster.

Thanks for your time,

chrims (Central Texas)

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Postby Buggsw » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 12:08

Definitely get a few more estimates. The plaster estimate seems a little high if they aren't going to chip out all the old plaster.

Postby Guest » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 15:58

average tile replacement is $35/ft in PA. average size replaster is $4,000. i would expect TX pricing to be lower since lower cost of living

Postby luckeypools » Tue 08 Jan, 2008 18:05

You don't chip out all the old plaster!! They apply it over the old plaster. They do a bondcoat and prep it. Removing any spots in it that could cause for pop ups.

Our basic tile is the K-Series solid tile. At $30 a foot, that must be a really high end tile. When you quote these things you can't say one price fits all.

The plaster quote seems good for my area.... but check references and if they are current with good results...go with them.

Luke Norris

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Postby petejr2 » Sun 18 May, 2008 19:43

I have a pool that needs to be replastered and have water line tile installed. i also have a 48"x 84" old type water fall that I want tiled and have a Jandy sheer descent waterfall installed. the plaster is not falling off it is wearing out and very rough (like sandpaper). i have two prices from 8500 to 9500. tghis seems like a lot of money? the pools is 17 x 38. Any odeas of cost I should be looking for. i live in SC.

Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby ariciaga » Mon 13 Jul, 2009 17:05

Hello! my name is Oscar i have a small plaster company in Dallas ( Majestic Pool Plaster)I was able to read your message. If your still interested in fixing your pool im interested in giving you an estimate all i would need from you would be your pool's charecteristics and where you are located in Texas. for example the tile i can do it for $1800 plus the trip ($300-$500) therefor i can offer you a better price and the corresponding warranty . my e-mail is [email protected] thank-you

Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby Wolf » Tue 25 Aug, 2009 17:35

Greater LA area. Need some replastering done. Only getting high estimates. Any suggestions? Email me at [email protected].

Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby Guest » Mon 31 Aug, 2009 16:54


I am also in the Los Angeles Area and an replastering my pool. I have a 35,000 gallon pool, with tile it is costing me $6,500 to replaster. Should I convert my pool to a salt water system at the same time. Is it healthier and better system to have?


Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby julie » Mon 14 Sep, 2009 20:38

Just FYI on the salt system. I work for a pool company in Texas and we have stopped putting in salt systems as they will eat your decking and any flagstone you have around the pool. Make sure to ask lots of questions before converting

Replaster estimate question.

Postby bettysue » Wed 06 Apr, 2011 23:01

I live in Corpus Christi, Texas and I need my pool re plastered and painted. As well as some of the cold deck. What price range am I looking at? Thanks

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