Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

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poolowner in terxas

Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby poolowner in terxas » Thu 29 Nov, 2012 10:48

I am reading these posts and cannot believe it. Most of these contractors seems to be pussys. No one wants to give estimates. They are just estimates!!!! no one will hold you to them!!!
Please give some estimates for goodnes sake


Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby Zlcoop » Thu 28 Mar, 2013 23:59

This was my quote from a pool guy I have used for 15 years.
The plaster guy is $4908.00 For demo and white plaster
The tile guy is $2206.00 for a group 3 tile choice ( Price includes tile)
If you still want tile on all seats and steps that would add $440.00 to price
Pool Start Up and filter clean would be $100.00

It also depends on the size of your pool. But yes they need to chisel out the old plaster to make it look good.
Pool Boys TX

Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby Pool Boys TX » Mon 15 Apr, 2013 13:23

Swimming Pool Replaster Estimate Example:

Swimming Pool size: 32ft x 16ft = 512sq.ft.

512sq.ft. x $8.00 = $4,096

125sq.ft. per 1 batch of plaster plus additional materials

512 / 125 = 4 batches of materials (round number)

1 batch of materials = $135.00

4 batches @ $135 each plus labor of prep and labor for plaster ($4,096) = a total of $4,636

PoolBoysTX com :thumbup: :thumbup: I hope this helps out a bit... sorry for the confusion guys!
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Replaster & Tile replacement estimate question.

Postby polancos pools LLC » Mon 02 Sep, 2013 21:07

We will replaster and put ne tile for cheaper prices call me

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